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1Gbps dedicated server

A dedicated server is usually a rented service. Dedicated means the service is dedicated to one owner and it’s not a shared network. Which means high performance and less unnecessary traffic.Enterprise customers usually need high speed 1Gbps Dedicated Servers to ensure the smooth and secure functioning of online activities, with the desired flexibility of system and applications, with 100% control of what the server does. This allows businesses to implement their IT needs meeting the business goal.

If the business depends on the online presence, or run a profitable e-commerce site, you gather and disseminate sensitive data then it is better to be on the secured dedicated server instead of using budget hosting servers. The 1Gbps Dedicated Servers help you in this by keeping your data private and giving you a higher speed to run such a business which requires a lot of online work.

Here are some points to consider before you buy a 1Gbps Dedicated Servers.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM affects how quickly a server can process commands. Higher RAM is required when processing more complex and varied commands. So, we would suggest you to opt for higher RAM in your system for a hurdle free experience.

Storage space

Local storage space is a limiting factor for local database size and local storage of files like images. RAID configurations, which increase data reliability and/or increase Input/Output (I/O) performance, require two or more separate storage volumes. Storage can also take the form of networked storage like NAS (network-attached storage) or SAN (storage-area network).


1Gbps Dedicated Servers - Parkinhost
1Gbps Dedicated Servers – Parkinhost



Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be concurrently sent to and from your server. Higher bandwidth is not useful unless they can use the higher bandwidth and won’t make the application run at a higher speed. Things like concurrent video streaming, gaming, and big data processing may see a performance benefit from high bandwidth.

Dedicated servers usually offer 100Mbps or 1Gbps.


Traffic allowances tell users the amount of traffic to/from your server. It’s limits don’t affect performance but will impact the size of your monthly invoice. Hence one needs to make it clear that there are no extra charges are incurred.

Network latency – 1Gbps Dedicated Servers 

Network latency is the milliseconds of delay as information is sent between server and user.It’s not specified by a hosting provider. But can be affected by the distance and the quality of networking between server and user. Higher the speed lesser the delay, hence high speed Dedicated Servers are useful for company’s delay free online performance.

Conclusion – The 1Gbps Dedicated Servers come with several benefits, but one also needs to look for technical arrangements for better and hassle-free use of these high speed dedicated servers.


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