6 benefits of using SSD Hosting

There are a number of web hosting types SSD Hosting being one of them is becoming popular nowadays. SSD comes with key benefits as compared to HDD. The abbreviation stands for Solid State Drive. This disk does not have any moving parts and the data gets stored on microchips. The absence of moving parts makes the data storage process fasters as here the data gets stored on a microchip. Here we bring you 6 reasons why you should choose SSD hosting over its other counterparts.

Benefits of using SSD hosting


The SSD is really faster when compared to other web hosting types. The faster data storage results in the faster website, hence less loading time and enhanced user experience.

Search engines keenly focus on page loading speed and it can be a major factor that can play a decisive role in altering your search engine ranking positively.

Less risk of mechanical failure

Unlike HDD that depends on the process of physical spinning, SSD hosting does not have any such moving parts and as the data is stored on microchips, it decreases the possibilities of mechanical failure that can jeopardize your data. SSDs hence have longer lives and are generally not affected by physical damages.

Faster execution

SSD is capable of reading and writing the data simultaneously that results in faster execution of web requests. It lessens the server’s dependence on the CPU but also enhances the overall hosting performance. Hence multiple requests can be assessed without unnecessary bottleneck in your ways of hosting.

ssd hosting
SSD hosting


The environmental benefit is also one of the major plus points apart from technical benefits. SSD is beneficial for the environment too. The SSD hosting needs only 20% of the total power as compared to HDD which consumes a heck of power for spinning the disk and uses up to 80% of the power. The less usage of power results in lesser carbon prints. Hence, your company can be one of the environment-friendly companies.

No data fragmentation

SSD don’t experience data fragmentation and can instantly locate the data whenever required. That helps in better site performance. The data fragmentation may result in slow site loading hence leading to lesser traffic reaching you. As SSD hosting does not experience any such issue it makes your site faster and making it easy and quick for site visitors to accomplish their objectives.

Constant Reducing Price

The constant reducing price makes users choose SSD hosting over any other type of web hosting. Price reduction plus better speed and less damage risk what more one could ask for.

Hence the above factors result in making SSD most used web hosting type. Now you know what can help your websites to perform well and at a greater speed along with being cost-efficient.