HDD VPS Hosting

HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive. HDD hosting is the traditional type of storage system, which has existed since ages. It was launched in 1956, hence it has been with us forever. The one of the oldest storage and hosting device is now being challenged by its contemporaries. The new virtual devices are taking over the traditional devices.

While some prefer to stick to good old devices, many are diverting towards faster, cheaper and less complicated options. A brief description of HDD’s pros and cons which will let you decide what suits you and your requirements better


1: Huge space options are available in the market today. The storage space options currently available are 5 GB to 4TB.

2: The price is cheaper as compared to other hosting options. It costs 3000 to 12000 Rupees only.

3: Simple mechanism. The HDD VPS hosting can be best described as a vinyl record in the computer, where an arm rotates on a metal disc having a magnetic coating. The rotating arm enables the data to be read, stored and displayed on a computer screen.

4: Good option for start-ups and a new website as there are few visitors the speed and work of HDD will be fair enough and will be cost effective too.

5: Less investment and huge data storage capacity, is one of the biggest advantages of HDD.


1: The data is stored when the disk spins and has mechanical parts and it’s not a virtual storage device hence the machine gets heated fast due to fast spinning metal disk also causing huge power consumption.

hdd vs ssd

2: The HDD’s counterpart SSD is most preferred due to less data fragmentation risk.

3: As HDD is hard disk drive the damage risk is high as compared to the virtual storage options. The damage of device will result into irrecoverable data loss.

4: Not a good option for well set up companies and websites having huge traffic. As HDD operates slower than SSD hence for faster results companies and website owners choose SSD over HDD.

5: The HDDs competitor SSD’s price is fluctuating and it decreases day by day and hence making it more cost-effective than HDD.

The above-listed points are some of the pros and cons which can refer while choosing a perfect option for his/her needs. Till not very long-ago HDD was used vastly but technology is a ruthless industry where the better inventions can instantly affect their past counterparts The technology is spreading its inventions day by day to the next level. Some stick to old traditional options, while some experiment with new ones and keep themselves updated.

Hence, we leave it to you to decide what options you choose as oneself is the best person to know what he or she wants.